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China State Shipbuilding Corporation(CSSC)is an extra-large conglomerate and stateauthorized investment institution directly administered by the central government of China. It boasts its being the mainstay of the shipbuilding industry in China. Under its wing, there are totally 60 sole proprietorship enterprises and shareholding institutions, including a batch of most powerful and some renowned shipbuilding and shiprepairing yards, research and design institutes, marinerelated equipment manufacturers and trading firms in China. Its products cover from conventional ships, such as bulk carriers, oiltankers and containerships to high-tech, high value-added ships, such as LNG carriers, and offshore facilities.

At president, CSSC has already notched up in such 20-plus fields and sectors as shipping, aerospace, construction, power generation, petrochemicals, hydraulic engineering, environmental protction, metallurgy, railway and light industy and so on, Besides,CSSC has virtually secured a market niche for a number of its key products, such as, large-scale steel structures, metallurgical equipment, land-based power generating sets, pressure vessels and B-scanners and so on. In other words, CSSC has already diversified its lines of business, covering trade, shipping,finance and bvidge comstruction etc. In short, CSSC has undoubtedly earned a leading position peerless in the shibuilding circle in China and has alredy proved itself worthy of the title of the large-scale enterprise group with fast growth rate in many fields.

In the news century, CSSC has put forward a strategic objective called"5-3-1 goal", with which CSSC shall put itself in the rank of the top 5 and the top 3 shipbuilding groups in the world respectively in 2005 and 2010, CSSC shall achieve its objective of being the world's number one shipbuilding group in the year 2015. In 2007,CSSC proposed the slogan of "innovating and being strong",and prposed the goal of "five leading in the worly",that is, leading economic scale, leading scientific and technological level, leading management level, leading talent team, and leading profitability.


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