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Development principle
  China ships industry group company(English brief name CSSC, in the brief name ship group company) the set set up in 1999 July a day be central direct management of especially large business enterprise group, is nation authorization investment organization.CSSC is China ships industry of main strength, underneath come together a China most the framework of real strenght build to fix a ship business enterprise, ships research design hospital, business enterprise and Mao company outside the ships of the ships kit, total have about 60 individual proprietorship with hold a Qi business unit.
     The shipbuilding is a CSSC lord industry.At the soldier ship, the CSSC develop of the product almost covered an our country navy all lord battleship boat and soldier assist a ship material, is China navy material construction of framework strength.At people ship.The CSSC can construct to match world to take a post the ship class agency norm of He2 Yi Jia and satisfy nations an in general use technique standard and safety convention request, the proper sail is at the modern ships of any sea area.The product category is from the common oil ship, spread cargo vessel to have contemporary international level of the chemicals ship, guest roll a ship, large gather to pack a ship, large liquefaction spirit ship, large from unload a ship, high speed the public ships of every varieties such as ship, liquefied natural gas ship, super and large oil ship(VLCC) and ocean engineering etc. and facilities, ships product already export to more than 50 nation and region.

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