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China Shipbuilding Forum held in Shanghai

On July 8th, 2004, “China Shipbuilding Forum” was successfully held in Shanghai where tens of presidents from top corporations in the marine industry across the world came to the forum, giving speeches, discussing the foreground of the China shipbuilding industry, and presenting proposals for the further cooperation of the future. Chen Xiao Jin, the president of CSSC, held the forum; Sun Zhi Tang, the vice president of China Shipping (group) Company, Zhao An Ji, the vice chairman of Foremast Maritime Corp., Zhong Jing Ren, the representative of Hong Kong Shipowners Association, Andrews Howard, the president of Maersk Asian Corp., Gu Jian Xin, the vice chairman of ABS in Asia and the Pacific, and the representatives of STX Diesel Engine, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK), Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Corp., and over a hundred of professionals from shipbuilding, shipping, shipping register and marine equipment participated this forum.

“As we come into the 21st century, the shipbuilding industry in China has been rapidly advancing. Only in 2003, the shipbuilding output reached 6 million tons, being the third position in the world for 9 year, and the percentage of shipbuilding market in the world raised from 0.8% in 1982 to 10% in 2003.” Chen Xiao Jin also presented, “CSSC, as the main force of the shipbuilding industry of China, has been a pioneer since it established and will continually keep up a high-speed development in the future.”銆?銆?

“The shipbuilding industry of China now faces an unprecedented challenge.” Chen Xiao Jin said. “The current issue that we encounter is not shipbuilding capacity surplus but how to accelerate the pace of development, making our greatest effort in order to satisfy the growing domestic demands. Recently, due to the lack of the advanced large-scale equipment, our shipbuilding capacity is far away from meeting the basic amount of demands. So in the next decade, the Chinese shipbuilding industry will primarily focus on our domestic market where will have approximately 7 million tons demands per year for the next 10 years.” Chen said.

CSSC will take advantage of the time involved in the reallocation of the major shipyards in Guangzhou and Shanghai to accomplish the construction of the two shipbuilding bases in Chang Xing and Long Xue. At the same time, it will also focus on the development of VLCC and LNG ships, large container ships, FPSO ships, etc. Chen Xiao Jin stated that CSSC hopes to enhance the cooperation with both domestic and overseas partnerships, which will eventually benefit the overall Chinese shipbuilding industry and also those who work together with us.


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