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Better ship, better city

Better ship, better city
By Hu Xiaofeng
China State Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion, the largest enterprise pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai, showed up in the Expo Puxi Area.銆?CSSC, a leader of the Chinese shipbuilding industry and the owner of the pavilion, feels proud that it has added color to the Expo Shanghai with its special enthusiasm and passion.

Better ship, better city

Located in a major position of the Puxi area of World Expo 2010 Shanghai, China State Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion is near its main axial in the west, faces its main entrance in the north, overlooks the Huangpu river in the south, and looks at the key buildings such as China Pavilion and Expo Cultural Center across the river.
The entire pavilion is an oblong steel structure, with 165-meter length, 111-meter width, 40-meter height and an 18000-square-meter plot area.
The pavilion mainly consists of Main Hall, Indoor Plaza and Support Service Area.銆?Located in the north of Indoor Plaza, Main Hall is the exhibition center and core of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion, with a plot area of 7000 square meters and a height of 23.5 meters.銆?Split into four floors, Main Hall has its central square, harbor, energy zone, environmental observation station, food production area, traffic port, originality corridor, theatre, VIP area, etc.
The theme of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion is “Better Ship, Better City”.銆?The pavilion purchased more than 1500 multimedia audio-visual devices, applies several advanced multimedia carriers such as dome, central screen, column screen and fog screen, flexibly applies LED, projection, infrared ray, intelligent lighting and sound effects technologies, comprehensively applies colorful showcase means such as three-dimensional sculpture, real objects and physical simulation, ship models, pictures, copperplate inscriptions and bronze sand table by combining the virtual with reality and modern with future.銆?It not only demonstrates the full range of profound history and splendid culture of China’s shipbuilding, but also envisages and describes a glorious outlook of the shipbuilding industry.
In food production area, traffic port and energy area, China State Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion showcases a number of the world’s advanced high simulation ship models built by CSSC’s domestically leading shipbuilding enterprises, including 175,000 dwt Capesize bulk carriers, New Asia 8530TEU container ship, Dapeng LNG carrier, New Puyang VLCC carrier, 300,000 dwt FPSO, 3000-meter deepwater semi-submersible drilling rig, demonstrating solid strength of the Chinese shipbuilding industry represented by CSSC.

Service oriented, tourists first

Since May 1 when China State Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion was officially opened, it has persisted in the service concept of “Service oriented, tourists first” through the whole process of the pavilion’s construction and operation, and has continued improvement and optimization.
To better serve visitors, the pavilion offers barrier-free access to facilities and passages, lends free wheel chairs and provides the handicapped with tourist guides.銆?They meticulously designed and constructed the Indoor Plaza, took advantage of its roof membrane structure with favorable conditions of sunlight shade and rain shield on top to build a standard performance stage of 8m depth and 17m width, a 40 sqm high-fidelity LED display screen, a 300 sqm coffee bar, three drink outlets, six retail outlets, a souvenirs store and a tourist rest area with 500-odd chairs.銆?It also added an auxiliary facilities area, suspension and glass screen wall structure was adopted in the south edge of the Indoor Plaza, and an elevated corridor leads to the Main Hall.銆?The pavilion also includes a 2000 sqm oblique sightseeing corridor to bring more spectacular views to visitors.銆?The pavilion has an information desk which provides services of lost and found, guestbook, medicine box and medal stamping, and offers free refreshments for glucopenia tourists.銆?In addition, the China State Shipbuilding Corporation has selected the former site of 140-year Jiangnan Shipyard to build the pavilion.銆?The legendary shipyard has been carrying the hope of the nation since its founding.銆?Its development and innovation over a century has always stood for the rise of Chinese national industry and the evolution of State-owned factories.銆?


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