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CSSC shipbuilding exceeds 5million dwt, steps into

By Dec 23, 2005, CSSC had delivered 5million dwt ships in the year, accounted for 40% of the overall output of China, and 7% of the world output, which symbolized that CSSC had achieved its goal of stepping into top five shipbuilding corporations in the world.

According to a statistic, during the period of “Tenth-five Plan”(2001-2005), CSSC’s output, with an annual increase of 24.4%, had been growing from 2.09million dwt in 2001 up to 5million dwt in 2005. With an overall amount of only 1.43million dwt, year 2000’s total output was only equivalent to 3 months’ in 2005.銆?

By the end of November 2005, CSSC had won 95 new ships orders in 2005, amounting 7.54million dwt, which was 2.94million dwt more than the whole year’s amount of 2004. In the mean time, there were 285 ships order in hand, totally 15.86 million dwt, which was 3.21million dwt more than the beginning of the year.


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