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SDARI design plateau cruise

Qinghai Lake, which is on Qingzang Plateau in China, will have its first luxurious cruise next year. This ship is designed by Shanghai Merchant Ship Research & Design Institute (SDARI).
This luxurious cruise will be powered by two engines, and thrusted by two propellers. The 80 metres ship will have 3,000 displacement tonnages, reaching the current standard requirement of China Classification Society. It is designed as a three-star level cruise, having five decks, totally 85 rooms for two people each. Along with various services, entertainments and facilities, such as restaurant, sauna, internet bar, shopping mall, theatre, karaoke, etc., there especially equips an oxygen bar for those who feel sick due to the attitude reaction.
This cruise started being built at the lakeside of the Qinghai Lake in last December, and will be launched on the Oct. 1st of this year. According to the schedule, it will be delivered at the end of April, 2005.銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?


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