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CSSC shipbuilding exceeds four million tons

On September 26th, upon the delivery of a 175,000dwt Capesize bulk carrier at Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, CSSC has finished 85 new ships construction totaling 4.127 million deadweight tons in this year.

By the end of September, CSSC has won new ship orders amounting to 4.56 million deadweight tons this year, ahead of surpassed the original annual target of 4 million tons. From the time when the corporation successfully accomplished its “dual three million” goal in shipbuilding and signing contract last year, this year’s achievement has set up the new milestone for the course of the company history.

For CSSC, one of its most attractive features this year is the fact that many ships were delivered ahead of schedule. According to statistics, up to that last delivery on September 26th, 57 ships with a total of 3.84 million tons - accounted for 93% of the annual production - were finished before the delivery dates.

CSSC representatives clarified that one of the reasons for the early completion is their mass production. A large percentage of all ships delivered consist of container vessels, bulk carriers and oil tankers. Among these types of ships, mature models such as the 175,000dwt Capesize bulk carriers, 4,250TEU container ships, and the 74,500dwt Panamax bulk carriers are the majority. Another important reason being, starting this year CSSC consistently promoted the concept of refined production, which integrated all three processes of design, production and management, and promoted production efficiency. This integrated production procedure played an important role in reducing the production period by 5% - 10%.

Since 2001, CSSC broke through its target of the “dual two million”, the “dual three million” and now the “dual four million” in shipbuilding and signing contracts, showing strong signs of growth. Early in 2001, CSSC production level was 2.05 million tons, while signing new contracts of another 2 million tons. In 2004, the corporation’s production level has reached its new height at 3.57 million tons, while signing contracts of 4.6 million tons. If the current trend continues, CSSC is hopeful to exceed its original production goal of 4.36 million tons, and once again out-perform its annual production plan.


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