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4,200-m3 Liquefied Ethylene Gas Carriers



Two 4,200-m3 liquefied ethylene gas carriers M/T MAX PLANCK and PHOENIX GAS were constructed by Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd. and delivered to YANGTZSE SHIPBUILDING & ENGINEER CO., LTD. respectively in April of 1992 and June of 1993.





1.The vessel is designed and constructed to carry liquefied gas cargoes in two "C" type independent cargo tanks, one(1) cylindrical and one (1) bilobed tank respectively. Each tank is capable of loading ethylene, commercial propane, anhydrous ammonia, propylene, butylene butadiene and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM).


2.Two grades of cargoes can be loaded in the cargo tanks simultaneously.


3.Total three electric-motor-driven deepwell pumps (150m3/h each)are provided for two cargo tanks,and one booster pumps (260m3/h) is provided on the trunk deck to transfer the liquefied gases to shore storage facilities.


4.An inert gas generator is provided to produce dry inert gas or dry air. The generator is used for inerting and dehydration of the cargo system and interbarrier spaces.


5.The vessel is designed to achieve superior propulsive performance due to the optimized hull form with special bow bulb and the stern developed on basis of rich experiences.


6.The main engine is a medium speed, 4 cycle diesel engine of Mak 8M453C. A shaft generator of 1,125 kVA at 1,800rpm is attached to the engine.


7.A 4-blade controllable-pitch propeller and a bow thruster are provided and both are driven by ac electric motors.


8.A 580kW thermal oil heater and a 580kw thermal oil exhaust gas economizer are provided for heating on board.


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