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Lei Fanpei Holds Talk with Carnival President and Chief Executive Officer Arnold Donald
  On Sept. 4 local time, visiting CSSC Chairman Lei Fanpei held a talk in Hamburg with Carnival President and Chief Executive Officer Arnold Donald. The two sides exchanged views and reached consensus on accelerating cooperation in the field of large cruise ships. Chen Qi, deputy general manager of CSSC and Michael Thamm, Global Chief Executive Officer of Costa Group and Asia Chief Executive Officer of Carnival Group, attended the meeting.
  Mr. Lei briefed on their progress in pushing forward the large cruise project since the June 20 meeting and reviewed recent work by the two sides. Lei said that the large cruise ship project is a major scientific and technological innovation project for CSSC to achieve high-quality development. The group attaches great importance to it and is speeding up its work as planned. It is hoped that the two sides will continue to strengthen exchanges in accordance with the established objectives, accelerate the implementation of the large-scale cruise project, and ensure the smooth completion of the project.
  Arnold Donald expressed appreciation for CSSC's tireless efforts to speed up the large-scale cruise project, and agreed with the proposal put forward by Lei Fanpei. The long-term goal of Carnival Group is to promote the development of China cruise industry along with CSSC. Facing the complex project of large cruise, Carnival Group is willing to continue to work closely with CSSC to overcome difficulties, concentrate on solving various problems encountered, and make every effort to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.
  Prior to the meeting, Lei Fanpei and his entourage visited the Costa Group's AIDA Cruise “Vita” and Carnival Group Cruise Operations Center. Responsible persons of the relevant departments and relevant member units of the headquarters of CSSC participated in the above activities. (Wang Zhihui)

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