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Lei Fanpei Surveys WinGD
  September 6 Local time, CSSC Chairman Lei Fanpei went to CSSC overseas R&D base -- Swiss WinGD for investigation and survey. Lei Fanpei stressed that the power business is one of the important business sectors of CSSC, and WinGD is an important part of the power business of CSSC. In the future, the development of CSSC will be more focused on the ocean field and on enhancing the core competitiveness of the industry, consistently provide support for the development of WinGD, and unswervingly promote the development of overseas R&D institutions. Nan Daqing and Chen Qi, both deputy general managers of CSSC, participated in the survey.
  During the investigation and survey, Lei visited the WinGD Diesel Engine Experimental Center, listened to the report of Mr. Klaus, general manager of WinGD, and then gave an encouraging speech at the WinGD staff meeting. And in the WinGD headquarters, Lei Fanpei and WinGD management carried out in-depth communication.
  In his speech, Lei Fanpei first gave full affirmation to the development of WinGD, congratulated WinGD on its achievements in the grim situation of the overall downturn in the world shipping and shipbuilding industries, and said that CSSC is vigorously promoting the integration of resources in the power industry, and building research and development, manufacturing, testing, service integrated power business unit, and will surely form an autonomous power industry with a strong influence, guiding the development of industry technology. He sincerely wished WinGD Inheritance excellence and sustainable and healthy development in CSSC community. After Lei's speech, there was a long time of warm applause.
  For the next development of WinGD, Lei Fanpei put forward views and requirements in six aspects. First, we should unswervingly promote the development of overseas R&D institutions; second, we should continue to consolidate the leading position of technology and fill the gap in the product spectrum as soon as possible; third, we should strengthen the building of marketing capacity to further enhance our market share; fourth, we should realize healthy and sustainable operation as soon as possible; fifth, we should strengthen the coordination with member units of CSSC; sixth, we should strengthen internal management.
  At the management meeting of WinGD, Lei Fanpei further defined the future development goal of WinGD, and asked the management to strengthen research, formulate development plan, further emancipate the mind, deepen reform, innovate and develop, and implement work in a practical, careful way.
  Heads of CSSC headquarters relevant departments and relevant member companies participated in the investigation and survey. (Zhong Xuan)

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