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Lei Fanpei Meets with Chairman and President of Japan Daihatsu Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
  On September 20, Lei Fanpei, chairman of CSSC, met with visiting chairman and president of Daihatsu Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. The two sides conducted in-depth discussion on further strengthening communication and exchanges, deepening mutually beneficial cooperation, and exchanged views and reached consensus on jointly promoting greater development of Anqing CSSC Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. Chen Qi, deputy general manager of CSSC, attended the meeting.
  Lei Fanpei welcomed the visit of Daihatsu Diesel Engine. Lei Fanpei said that in the face of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation in the world, CSSC is actively engaged in strategic transformation and will persist in innovation-driven development, emphasis on green development, and open and cooperative development. CSSC should actively build marine defense equipment industry, marine and offshore engineering equipment industry, marine science and technology innovation application industry and marine and offshore engineering service industry, and strive to build a world-class marine science and technology industrial group with global competitiveness. CSSC and Daihatsu Diesel Engine have established a deep friendship in their long-term friendly cooperation, and hopes that the two sides will consolidate the foundation of past cooperation. On the basis of this, they should further strengthen exchanges and communication, carry out higher level and deeper cooperation at a new starting point, and jointly promote Daihatsu Diesel Engine and Anqing CSSC Diesel Engine to achieve greater development.
  Daihatsu Diesel Engine chairman agreed with the proposal put forward by Lei Fanpei. The chairman said CSSC is a very important partner of Daihatsu Diesel Engine in the Chinese market, both sides have a common goal, there is broad scope for cooperation. Daihatsu Diesel Engine hopes to continue to deepen strategic cooperation with CSSC, give full play to their respective advantages, further improve product quality, improve production efficiency, jointly do a good job in marketing and after-sales service, and promote the cooperation between the two sides to continuously achieve new results.
  Heads of CSSC headquarters relevant departments and relevant member companies participated in the meeting. (Wang Zhihui)

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