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Lei Fanpei Accompanies Wu Qing, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, to Meet members of the Global Board of Directors of Carnival Group
  On September 27, accompanied by Lei Fanpei, chairman of CSSC, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Wu Qing met with members of the Carnival Group's global board of directors in Shanghai. The two sides conducted cordial and friendly exchanges on strengthening exchanges and cooperation and deepening mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Nan Daqing, deputy general manager of CSS, Wang Hong, secretary of the Baoshan District Party Committee of Shanghai, Fan Shaojun, district chief, Wu Lei, deputy director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, and Zhang Xiong, deputy director of the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, attended the meeting.
  On behalf of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Wu Qing welcomed members of the Carnival Group's global board of directors to visit Shanghai. He said the Shanghai municipal government would give its full support to Carnival's cruise business in Shanghai and support the construction of large cruise ships in Shanghai, and wished the company success in the cooperation between CSSC and Carnival.
  Speaking on behalf of Carnival Group, Costa Cruises Group Global CEO Michael Tomu thanked the Shanghai Municipal Government for its strong support. He said that Shanghai is a city full of charm, and economic development here is full of vitality. Carnival Group hopes to increase its investment in Shanghai, build Chinese large local cruise ships together with CSSC, jointly develop the Chinese cruise market and promote the rapid development of China's cruise industry.
  Prior to the meeting, Lei and Michael Tomu held a talk on further strengthening communication and speeding up the large-scale cruise project.
  Lei Fanpei expressed admiration for Carnival Group's strategic vision. He said that 12 years ago, Carnival Group was the first to bring the Costa brand to China, opening the development of the Chinese cruise industry from scratch. Twelve years later, Carnival made a strategic decision to set up a joint venture with CSSC to place orders for large cruise ships in China to help Chinese shipbuilders realize their dream of building local cruise ships. This fully reflects Carnival Group's strategic vision and ambition as the world's largest cruise company. Lei Fanpei pointed out that collaboration with Carnival Group and Fincantieri Group for entry into the cruise industry is the strategic choice of CSSC and is also CSSC No.1 project for high-quality development. The Opinions on Promoting the Economic Development of Cruises in China, officially issued by the Ministry of Transport and other nine ministries, explicitly vow to accelerate the development of cruise ship construction and supporting equipment industry, with emphasis on breaking through the design and construction technology of large cruise ships, encouraging joint venture and cooperation, forming a diversified investment pattern and accelerating the construction of the first large cruise ship. The release of the Opinions will surely inject new impetus into the development of China's cruise industry. CSSC will accelerate cooperation with all parties in the operation of large cruise ships and jointly cultivate market and culture of Chinese cruise ships on the basis of the joint construction of large cruise ships.
  Michael Tomo said that it is a great honor to work with CSSC. Carnival will, as always, promote the construction of the flagship project, continue to cultivate the Chinese cruise operation market while speeding up the localization of large cruise ships. He said there is an old saying in China: "A long journey begins with a small step." Today, we have taken a firm step. We believe that with the strong support of the Chinese government and the unremitting efforts of our partners, we will surely be able to move steadily to our destination and build China as a leading driving force for the development of the global cruise industry.
  Responsible persons of relevant departments of CSSC headquarters, and representatives of CSSC Cruise Ship Technology Development Co., Ltd, CSSC Carnival Cruise Co., Ltd., Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co Ltd participated in the activities. (He Baoxin)

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