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Lei Fanpei Attends the 2018 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference and Gives a Keynote Address
  On October 12, the 2018 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and China Association of Science and Technology, was held in Nanjing. Wu Zhenglong, Governor of Jiangsu Province; Xin Guobin, member of the Party Group and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Zhong Zhihua, member of the Party Group and Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Meng Qinghai, vice chairman and member of the Secretariat of the China Association for Science and Technology; and Zhang Jinghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial CPC Committee and secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting. Lei Fanpei, secretary of the Party Group and chairman of CSSC, attended the meeting and delivered a speech entitled "Promoting the transformation and upgrading with intelligence, facilitating high quality development of the maritime cause”.
  With the theme of "Facilitating upgrading with intelligent manufacturing future", the conference brought together the world's leading intelligent manufacturing companies, authorities and leading experts to explore a new vision for intelligent manufacturing. At the meeting, Lei shared the development of marine intelligent manufacturing system and the concrete achievements of CSSC in this field. Intelligent manufacturing is now the key to fostering new momentum in the global economy, he said. For traditional manufacturing industry, the development of intelligent manufacturing is the key to promote cost reduction and increase efficiency, improve supply structure and achieve high quality development. Intelligent marine equipment, represented by intelligent ship, has become the focus of the global maritime cause development because of its extensive connectivity and drive to the whole industry chain. As one of the leading shipbuilding groups in the world, CSSC is based on the marine defense equipment industry, marine and offshore engineering equipment industry, marine science and technology innovation application industry and marine and offshore engineering service industry. CSSC is equipped with a complete industrial system from R&D design, assembly construction, equipment matching to after-sales service, and has made a breakthrough in the research and development of smart ships. It completed and delivered the world's first intelligent ship "Dazhi" at the end of 2017 , which has passed the certification of Britain's LR and China Classification Society (CCS). It was also selected as the "Top Ten technological Progress of China's Intelligent Manufacturing in 2017" and, under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CSSC allied with 61 enterprises in related fields to establish the China Intelligent Ship Innovation Alliance.
  In his speech, Lei Fanpei looked forward to the construction of intelligent manufacturing system for the maritime industry. He said that there is no mature model for reference in the construction of the intelligent manufacturing system and it needs a new perspective and ideas. In the future, based on intelligent marine equipment, it will run vertically through the upstream and downstream of the shipbuilding industry, and integrate the design, construction, matching and inspection of marine equipment. Horizontally, it will connect the industry ecological value chain, get through the information barrier between shipping, logistics, port, supervision and service, marine survey, ocean resource development, and form a new format of equipment, system, platform, regime and ecological integration of industrial coordinated development. On the basis of the maritime intelligent manufacturing system architecture of "two ends + one network + two clouds", CSSC will in collaboration with all parties promote the vertical intelligentization for the whole life cycle of marine equipment and the horizontal intelligentization for each link of the whole industrial chain, construct a complete maritime intelligent manufacturing ecosystem to promote the transformation, upgrading and high quality development of the maritime industry.
  The conference officially released the "Guidelines for the Construction of National Intelligent Manufacturing Standard System (2018 Edition)" in both Chinese and English. At the same time, it also held a sub-forum on the theme of intelligent manufacturing technology breakthrough and application, and a sub-forum on innovation and practice of intelligent manufacturing system and a sub-forum on the theme of collaborative development of intelligent manufacturing key areas.
  CSSC Party Group Member and Deputy General Manager Sun Wei, Assistant General Manager and Head of Science and Technology Department Xu Miao, and heads of relevant departments of CSSC attended the meeting. (Wu Xiuxia)

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