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Lei Fanpei Attends the First System Engineering Innovation Forum and Delivers a Speech
  On October 18, the First System Engineering Innovation Forum and the Founding Ceremony of the Chinese Core Journal “System Engineering”, hosted by the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Marine Security System Innovation Center, was held in Beijing, and Secretary of the Leading Party Group of CSSC and Chairman Lei Fanpei attended the event and delivered a speech.
  Lei Fanpei first of all expressed congratulations to the convening of the First System Engineering Innovation Forum. Lei Fanpei said: the 19th National Congress of the Party clearly proposed that we must strengthen the country, strengthen the army, and strengthen equipment if the road of strengthening the army with Chinese characteristics is to be taken and the Chinese Dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is to be realized. This requires us to resolutely implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's policy of "information leading and system building" in the new era of equipment construction. As the main force in the construction of China's marine defense equipment, CSSC has been courageously selecting the historical task of developing world-class equipment, insisting on the supreme principle of “being responsible for future victories, for the safety of naval officers and men and for the whole life span of equipment quality”, and promoting the the Navy equipment to transit from "delivering equipment" to "delivering combat effectiveness." The new situation and new tasks call for a new strategy. In September this year, CSSC issued a strategic outline for high-quality development, which began a new journey towards the comprehensive construction of the world's leading marine science and technology industrial group, and blew the bugle of the "shipbuilding industry" to the "marine science and technology industry" group transformation and development. Therefore, it is not only the need of strategic transformation of CSSC, but also the trend of the industry to strengthen the research of system theory and the top level of system, and to enhance the ability of system innovation and integration innovation. It is also the inevitable choice of serving the national strategy and carrying out the first responsibility of making the armed forces powerful.
  In May 2016, the China Institute of Shipbuilding Industry Systems Engineering established the first and only national innovation platform named after the system, the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Ocean Security System Innovation Center, Lei said. The new historical mission endows the Research Institute of Systems Engineering with the responsibility of developing the theory of system engineering and innovating the practice of system engineering. On the long march of system engineering construction, it is hoped that the Research Institute of Systems Engineering will gather wisdom of many schools of thought, make every effort to build a marine safety system innovation center, explore the theory and technology of system engineering, and create a new phase of system engineering, provide first-class maritime defence equipment to advance national defence and the army modernization.
  With the theme of "system, innovation and empowerment", the forum released the first Chinese core journal in the field of system engineering, "Science and Technology Review System Engineering". More than 300 guests from ministries, the Military Commission authorities and the industry attended the forum, and 11 experts made presentations. (Zhao Yun)

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