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  China the ships news agency establish in 1990, is China ships industry medium only one be engaged in newspaper and publication publication of profession organization.What it publish 《China ships report 》create to publish in 1990 September 10 day, from China ships industry group company, China ships heavy work group company and China ships industry the profession association together sponsor.
《China ships report 》BE China only one 1 with publicity report way ships industry profession development situation for the comprehensive of the main contents big report, professional have other newspapers and magazines medium to can't act for inside industry of authority function.It of reader all over ships industry each Qi business unit and big medium particularly college, shipping, port, ship check, navy, trade and related organization etc.."One report is in hand, profession in control" is 《China ships report 》of run a newspaper an aim.
《Ships economy trade 》BE a monthly publication magazine which face to ships manufacturing and be engaged in ships economy trade movable personnel that the news agency sponsor, is a ships profession management governor and economic trade personnel indispensability of information data. In addition to periodical publication newspapers and magazines outside, China ships news agency still make use of oneself of advantage every two years publication one volume 《China the maritime affairs record whole big 》information data, with satisfy wide readership of demand.
Do inside ships industry in China profession most influence of media organization is China ships news agency forever of pursue a target.
  《Ships economy trade 》magazine is an origin from China the ships news agency sponsor, China ships industry trading company and medium the ship finance limited liability company co-sponsor of produce a magazine through the type.
《Ships economy trade 》the contents involve a shipbuilding, kit, shipping, port, ship check, finance etc. and the maritime affairs related profession.The magazine rely on 《China ships report 》strong information resources with adopt plait advantage, remit to gather maritime affairs boundary one large quantity authorities, expert, scholar for origin publish enthusiasm to write, assurance each term have a batch have special depth, views, information in time of article, and overall present occurrence graveness in maritime affairs boundary economy news, domestic and international produce through dynamic state, in time report way condition of the market in the ship City and expert of analysis, estimate, track hot point, analysis crux.The magazine concentrate on providing for the maritime affairs related section and the unit exactitude of decision reference, provide for the wide readership abundant overall of maritime affairs information.Magazine currently constitution of the column eyes include "key figures special visiting", "the economic trade see point", "special concern", "reporter observation", "market analysis", "policy laws", "the area foreign breeze", "shipping wide-angle lens", "the important news keep be open to traffic"...etc..
"Pair of vein economy finance trend, authority reading profession policy" is us to do to publish an aim, 《ships economy trade 》create into "the high level exquisite article of the ships profession magazine" is our targets.

  《Warship ship knowledge 》the magazine create to publish in 1979, from Xu forward commander-in-chief be China big six report way world and China navy most authority, issue quantity the biggest military publication.30 in the last yearses has been take orders science careful, the contents publish policy for the do of lord, not with wave not the Mei be vulgar, formation beg true investigate, overall authority, cold Jun just strength, the style of decorous classic.In navy, shipbuilding, shipping boundary in China, related, university and college in the research hospital and the large military fancier, its influence with get a soldier position can't move.Also get in the meantime the United States, day, English etc. abroad related authority medium and institute for research height value and interaction exchanges.
  《International ship boat 》magazine from China ships industry association and China ships industry comprehensive technique economy the institute for research sponsor, aim at to domestic and international publicity Chinese and Foreign every variety shipbuilding business enterprise, kit equipments manufacturer and its product, introduction domestic and international the ship boat construct, equipments of forerunner technique and product information, is profession bridge and Niu which deliver an information take.

  《Yacht 》the magazine agency be ships in China industry the group company keep belong to business enterprise, main publication 《yacht 》and 《ships and kit 》two origin magazine, and luck the camp be two profession the website"China yacht net( with" ships and kit information net.(http://www.ship 2000.
Large vogue profession magazine 《yacht 》of do and publish the aim be in China universality yacht culture.This magazine let the reader appreciate yacht through an elegant picture of luxurious scene with the sea view of the world-wide locations;The intense emotion letting the reader grasp a sea life and the sail boat big match with the moving story;Introduction all new quatic musement leisure way;Here also that time still the elite person constellate, world high level extravagant brand demonstration of satge.
《Ships and kit 》the magazine be a related professions, such as ships and its kit...etc. of profession magazine, provide the market information of ships and related profession and research analysis report, is domestic and international ships and related profession carry on an information exchanges of terrace.
The council of this magazine agency constitute to°from up to 100 domestic and international well-known shipbuilding and kit business enterprise, they the development of support and concern magazine agency;Another had a near thousand kit a business enterprise to successively join ships and kit information net, become member's unit of this magazine agency.


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